American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 14.1

The following articles were published in Volume 14.1 of the American Journal of Health Studies.  All articles have been indexed in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader format) for your viewing.  If you experience any difficulties in opening any of the files please notify The Publisher.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it free of charge from the following link:  Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Alcohol Related Violence and Unwanted Sexual Activity on the College Campus;  Mary E. Nicholson, Min Qi Wang, Dolores Maney, Jianping Yuan, Beverly S. Mahoney, and Daniel D. Adame.

  Toward a Standardized Definition if the Word Worksite:  A Delphi Study;  Carolyn C. Cox, and Jacqueline Hooper

  Hardiness as a Stress Mediating Factor of Burnout Among Healthcare Providers;  M. Michelle Rowe

  The Impact of Ohio's Comprehensive School Health Conference on the Health Behavior of Faculty from Attending School Districts;  Debora E. Kellner and Randall R. Cottrell

  Computer-Related Musculoskeletal Pain and Discomfort Among High School Students;  Chester S. Jones and Betsy Orr

  A Synthesis of Etiology and Prevention of Drug Abuse in Youth:  Application and Critique of the Epidemiologic ModelJebose O. Okwumabua, and Elias J. Duryea

  Practical Perspectives:  Involving Mass Media Representatives in Community Coalitions;  Carolyn C. Cox and Gary Cunningham

  Diabetes Screening and Health Education at Roman Catholic Churches along the West Texas Mexico Border;  Michael P. Kelly

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